Building Collective Impact Through Community Collaboration

Collective Impact is a model that guides organizations from different sectors to agree to solve a specific social problem using a common agenda, aligning their work, and using common measures of success. In order to create lasting solutions to complex social problems on a large-scale, organizations need to coordinate their efforts and work together around a clearly defined goal. In Findlay-Hancock County, the community is embracing the collective impact model and diligently working to improve system-wide collaboration among the public, private, and social sectors via the Coalition Building Process. The Coalition Building Process currently being implemented in our community is pioneered by CivicLab-an Institute for Civic Collaboration (formerly the Institute for Coalition Building) in Columbus, Indiana. The process follows this wheel:

Image source: Civiclab, Columbus, Indiana

Image source: Civiclab, Columbus, Indiana

Community Initiatives

The issues of concern our community faces are complex and interrelated. The concerns require the close collaboration of stakeholders from social to private to public implementing the collective impact model. In the Findlay-Hancock County community over 100 partner organizations are already joining together to become a stronger force that shares resources, creates dialogue, fosters supportive and trusting relationships, and agrees to common agendas that lead to measurable outcomes. As a unified team we will move the needle forward in shaping the welfare, economics, and vibrancy of our community.

Process Leadership

Guiding Team

We are guided by a team of leaders - representing community stakeholders and funding sources - that creates the vision of the community and actively strives to engage citizens and other organizations in  the process of coming together to overcome challenges and implement strategic activities that shape the future of Findlay-Hancock County. 


We know that the collective impact process requires extensive focus on consistent, highly structured activities that lead to productive discussions and informed decisions. Therefore, we are proud to partner with local corporate, public, and private partners who offer their Six Sigma and/or continuous improvement-trained employees to serve as coalition facilitators.