The mission of the University of Findlay is to equip our students for meaningful lives and productive careers. We believe that the learning that takes place outside a classroom is as important as the foundation that students receive inside a classroom. Findlay’s academic programs include significant experiential components. Our students participate in faculty-guided undergraduate research, service projects within the broader community, and intercultural immersion opportunities.
— Dr. Katherine Fell, President, University of Findlay

Connecting Experiential Learning to Community Needs

The University of Findlay is a forward-looking institution that is constantly seeking ways to better serve its students and the community from which it is founded. The University of Findlay serves nearly 4,000 students (2,700 undergraduate and 1,300 graduate) enrolled in 60 baccalaureate, ten masters, and three doctoral programs. The University is a highly-awarded institution that is also recognized by peer institutions, community members, businesses/agencies, and foundations for its ongoing efforts to fulfill its mission of equipping students for meaningful lives and productive careers.

The University’s emphasis on providing experiential learning in every academic program is one method by which the University of Findlay strives to meet its mission. Students are provided exceptional opportunities to connect their classroom learning to real-world situations every day. With the innovative Findlay-Hancock County Center for Civic Engagement being housed at the University of Findlay, now even more students have the ability to gain first-hand experience in cultivating social change within their own community. Select examples about how these students, as well as University employees, are working together with the community to generate dialogue and deploy their intellect and expertise to generate dialogue and create social initiatives include: