The Findlay Hancock-County Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) supports a network of community partners to interconnect resources and address complex social issues.

How We Work

Strategic Alignment

Very few communities of our size simultaneously engage multiple coalitions in addressing cross-cutting, complex social issues; we support our community’s innovation by guiding the strategic alignment of activities across our coalitions to enhance the scope, quality, and efficiency of their work to impact the greatest number of individuals.


We provide another voice for our community by increasing awareness of local issues as well as promoting the solutions implemented and outcomes achieved with the greater public.

Community Outreach

We assist our community coalitions and organizations with empowering local citizens to use their voices to raise awareness of and take action in the solutions that will create sustainable social change in our city and county.

Mobilization of Funding

Our goal is to secure new resources and funding from public and private sectors to commit toward our community’s data-driven solutions.

Coalition Facilitation

Our goal is to prepare our facilitators so they may best assist local coalitions in working through the recursive collective impact process that starts at uncovering the root causes of complex social issues and results in action steps and shared measurable outcomes that lead to promising changes.