GROB has a long worldwide tradition in the training of young people and high school students and its history is as old as the company itself. The GROB Group is not only a major employer in Hancock County, but also operates a premier training and apprentice program.

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Apprenticeship with GROB is not just the communication of selective job-specific knowledge. Training with GROB is much more. Right from the very beginning apprentices are familiarized with the significance of soft skills. Top qualification for an apprentice not only includes understanding their field of responsibility but also understanding of their position relative to the activities of other employees.

For the GROB GROUP, our customers and their products - the workpieces, are of utmost importance to us. GROB is always in close contact with our customers to understand all their strategic issues which allows us to optimize the support and implementation of the production systems. Through decades of experience, high machine quality, reliability in our design and on time delivery we have been able to guarantee our GROB customers optimal technical support in all areas of the production system business and universal machines. As a family-run company, GROB has proved its competence in advanced technology all over the world for generations.