The Hub – A Sign of Collaboration

Story and Photo Courtesy of Marathon Petroleum Corporation

With the completion of Marathon Petroleum Corporation’s (MPC) campus expansion project, skywalks from the new South Garage, North Garage and Administrative building were completed and the existing cafeteria became more than just a place to eat. Renamed The Hub, it has since become a place to settle in, meet, eat and visit, it just recently received a beautiful sign identifying it.

The discussion regarding the addition of a sign to identify The Hub originated in MP C's Facilities Services. “When the idea of creating a metal sign was mentioned to Paul Smith, Administrative Services manager, he requested that we reach out to Millstream Career Center to have the sign fabricated,” says Dave Nowak, advanced senior construction specialist.

Nowak provided the metal and the concept for the design to Millstream’s welding instructor Tyler Bame who says he immediately knew which student could complete the job. “The sign and its design were done start to finish by one senior student - Hayden Baldridge,” says Bame.

“The project took about two weeks’ time, plus a week to let the metal rust,” adds Bame. “The project proposed a few challenges due to its size compared to the size of our working table. When Hayden ran into problems, he asked me for assistance, but I knew he could figure it out, so I simply told him to make it happen. Hayden was provided with a difficult task to complete in a short period of time, and he completed it well.”

Once Dave Nowak brought the finished sign to the Findlay Campus, Alvada Construction employees hung it on the north side of The Hub’s brick wall.

The sign was a collaborative effort by MPC, Millstream Career Center and Raise the Bar Hancock County. In part, Raise the Bar Hancock County helps industries fill job vacancies through its workforce development organization by seeing students from pre-K through high school or post-secondary education in order to maintain economic growth and a high quality of life in the community.

At the sign’s unveiling, Hayden Baldridge was represented by his mother Carrie Sparks, his grandmother Pam Sparks and his sister, Cierah. The day after graduation, Hayden moved to Texas to begin a new career in welding.

Others in attendance at the unveiling were Dave Danhoff, Millstream’s director; Pam Hamlin, Millstream’s assistant director; Laurie Zydonik, Raise the Bar’s director; and MPC employees Jaime De La Cruz (HR), Stefanie Griffith (Public Affairs), and Jeff Iten, Dave Nowak and Paul Smith of Facilities Services.